Solutions & Services

HR / IR Advisory Services

HR / Business Audit

We conduct regular HR audits and develop reports for our various clients. Our audit findings and recommendations are focused on setting up the organizational priorities and towards the development of an actionable work plan.


Policies / Procedures / Handbook / Job Descriptions / Job Assessments / Performance Reviews / Surveys etc.

Our team has assisted a number of clients on the development, customization and modifications of their HR policies, Job Descriptions and processes. We have also conducted a number of surveys including salary, employee engagement surveys, industry surveys, HR best practices, etc.


Human Resource Information System – HRIS

We have converted our HR experience and expertise into the development of online HR Information System.  The system is customizable on client to client basis and offers a number of processing and reporting modules. The system evolve around employee induction, payroll (including attendance / leave management, expense / reimbursement management, loan management, etc.), profiling & assessments, training & development and HR management system. The system also offers various tiers and levels for employees (ESS), supervisors / general management (MSS) and consultants / administrators.


Labor Laws / EOBI / ESSI / Shop etc.

We have distinctive edge over our competitors when it comes to the formulation, implementation and understanding of the labor laws. Our experts have extensive work experience in managing EOBI, ESSI and Shop & Establishment and Factories Act.