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Head of Creative Services

Head of Creative Services job in Karachi

Industry: Publishing

Sector: Others

Location: ,

Qualification: Master

Experience: 10 to 12 years

Head of Creative Services is required in Karachi with a leading Press. If you have Masters degree with 10 to 12 years of Publishing/Designing experience then apply now for the job. This job requires Knowledge and experience of the local population’s cultural sensibilities and needs, and also about changing needs and how technology is impacting the industry and work.

Head of Creative Services job role is to provide strategic and leadership support to team for achieving goals of Digital Publishing and Design department. Ensure effective coordination with departments for designing collaterals as per the need. Excel operationally and ensure effective and timely deliverables while following high ethical standards.



  • Conceptualize and deliver creative, market competitive, cutting edge and business need product/solutions.
  • Coordinate effectively with Editorial and concern departments for developing digital content and design collaterals as per business need and trends.
  • Gather editorial reviews and feedback on titles published, in order to align and develop strategies.
  • Ensure 100% effective delivery and archiving of projects, both Digital Publishing and Design.
  • Develop strong and highly competent team to deliver tasks. Take appropriate measure to manage their performance effectively, which should result in high retention rate. Provide feedback in taking productive measures in meting targets and also providing highest quality service to stakeholders.
  • Develop strong linkage with pool of freelance Digital Publishers, Illustrators, Designers and Compositors, both local and off-shore.
  • Monitor that all SOPs and guidelines are followed as defined by teams. Identify gaps and recommend appropriate measures to mitigate gaps.
  • Ensure placement of vendor agreements timely as per Compliance policy.
  • Collect different publisher’s information, then analyse and regularly review their products. Subsequently, advice team for taking pre-emptive measures in-order to remain competitive and increase market share.
  • Present the progress of Region and plan, as and when needed through reports or appropriate presentation methods.
  • Identify appropriate learning and development needs for employees and provide them back to back feedback on improving performance and achieving goals efficiently.
  • Identify and develop key talent for taking role of Team-leader in next future. Also, retain them for future business growth and need.
  • Participate and take lead in Global, Divisional and Branch level activities which will enhance the leadership capacity and will provide opportunity to contribute to the growth of business and its people.
  • Submit the Conflict of Interest (COI) declaration within stipulated time (joining as well as on annual refreshers) and inform Compliance about any revisions.
  • Ensure 100% completion of Code of Conduct / Ethical Policies online training and pass within stated time frame.



  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skill in both verbal and written English language.
  • Strong leadership
  • Project management
  • Presentation and analytical skills.



Apply at zain@hasnain.biz

Kindly mention the position Head of Creative Services in the email

Last date to apply is 14th October, 2017

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