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Assistant Manager Corporate Compliance

Industry: Oil and Energy

Sector: Compliance

Location: ,

Qualification: LLB and MBA

Experience: 4 to 6 years

Assistant Manager Corporate Compliance job available in Lahore for a Lubricant Company in Pakistan. Resource should have LLB and MBA degree along with 4 to 6 years of relevant work experience in Corporate Compliance and Legal documentations.

Assistant Manager Corporate Compliance job role is to assist in Corporate Compliance, Contracts and Agreements and Coordinate with other departments, Shareholders. Moreover, the job role include, special emphasis on efficiency, time management, accuracy, attentiveness  and effectiveness with which each function is performed and shall serve as a basis for performance evaluation.



  • Convening, and making Arrangements for, the BOD & Shareholders Meetings including arrangement/compilation/filing/dispatch/ publishing of Notices and Working papers/files for meeting participants
  • Ensuring Attendance Sheets/relevant documents of Participants in BOD/Shareholders meetings are properly signed/arranged/ organized
  • Perform Corporate Compliance for the organization and their Boards and Committees
  • Taking Minutes of BOD/Shareholders meetings, Preparation of Minutes and handling correspondence before, during and after meetings
  • Ensuring that BOD/Shareholders’ meeting decisions comply with applicable laws; and agreements, legal forms and other legal documents are properly signed and executed by authorized signatories
  • Liaising with Financials Department for Dividend Payments/Resolution of Shareholders’ Complaints relating to unpaid/lost dividends
  • Statutory Filings and Announcements to regulators including SECP, PSX, CDC and Share Registrar
  • Proof reading of all the Minutes of BOD/Shareholders Meetings, Circular Resolutions, Director’s Reports/ Reviews, Corporate Advertisements and any other documents before dispatch/publishing
  • Translating documents and review/correct translation of documents which are required to be in Urdu language
  • Drafting/reviewing of agreements/contracts and discussion with relevant persons for negotiable terms and conditions
  • In drafting of Letters, Correspondences, Replies to Notices/Letters etc.
  • Attending the Board/Shareholders Meetings and taking notes of proceedings of meetings
  • Dispatch of Reports and required/relevant documents to shareholders, regulators and other stakeholders
  • Providing relevant documents and data to the internal auditors for yearly corporate compliance audit
  • Providing relevant documents and data to the external auditors for Half yearly Review and Annual Audit of corporate compliance.
  • Maintain and regularly update records of Zakat Deduction/Deposit in relation to Dividends
  • Maintain and regularly update records of Shareholders’ Complaints
  • Maintain and regularly update records of Legal Documents in the Department
  • Maintain and regularly update Corporate Correspondence records and Statutory registers/Books
  • Maintain and regularly update Checklists for Corporate Compliance with proper legal research
  • Draft and regularly update departmental SOPs and SLAs (with other depts.) with proper research
  • Review Company Website regularly, and mark inadequacies and arrange for compliance
  • Correspondence and communication with the shareholders regarding their issues and concerns e.g. the payment of dividends or any other issues
  • Correspondence with the share registrar regarding the concerns of shareholders and expediting prompt resolution of concerns
  • Correspondence with Zakat Audit Authorities and arrangement/provision of relevant documents for audit purposes in coordination with Share Registrar
  • Physically appearance on behalf of group companies in to various govt. office, courts, tribunals including offices of Zakat audits as and when required
  • Continuous legal research and monitoring of the websites of SECP and PSX for any changes and updating in any laws or procedures statutory authorities pertaining to the Company
  • To perform ad-hoc assignments in relation to Corporate Compliance and Legal Affairs as and when assigned by HOD



  • Dedication to the job
  • Seriousness and Commitments
  • Time Management
  • Accuracy
  • Communication Skills


Apply at mariya.javed@hasnain.biz

Kindly mention the job title Assistant Manager Corporate Compliance in the email

Last date to apply for the job is 26th October, 2019

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